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        PAT              TESTING

Belfast Child CIC PAT Testing Service Now Available


Since our formation we have recruited, trained and directly employed over 70 young people whose job it was to promote our organisation and generate revenue, to allow us to grow and deliver our programmes.  Whereby every single employee has contributed in one way or another, there are a number of individuals* who from day one made an instant positive impact on the organisation.  These individuals are most certainly the reason we are still here today and that makes those young people investible.

Over the last number of years we have taken great pride in the fact that we are a self sustainable organisation however, as the organisation grows we are continually faced with new financial and management challenges, this means always thinking on our feet and continuously developing new ways to generate our revenue.  Looking forward at 2017 there were three main focal points to be addressed; delivery of our programmes, generating revenue to cover our costs and saying thank you to those who have supported us in the past.

This is why once again we have reinvested into our organisation to provide you with the first of our new local services.  Belfast Child now employs fully qualified PAT Testing Technicians, trained by one of the country’s leading City & Guilds electrical instructors therefore the quality of training our staff receive is at the highest level and includes the use of some of the most up to date PAT Testing Equipment. (City & Guilds Level 3 Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing Of Electrical Equipment 2377-22)


Services Now Available

Testing Of Class I and Class II Equipment

Microwave Leakage Testing

Socket Outlet Polarity Check

Looking at how we could give back or help local businesses who have supported us in the past it was agreed that the best way was to save you money. We all have an endless list of bills that need to be paid each year.  We want to benefit you by cutting the cost of keeping your business safe and legal. PAT Testing is the first of a number of cost reduction services we will be offering to you this year.  Show us your PAT Testing Invoice for last year and we will reduce that bill for you by 33% this year.

If this is a service that your organisation need to procure for then don’t forget about adding us to your list, or contact us directly for a written quotation.


You Save Money          We Generate Revenue           We Run Our Programmes



*Special thanks to Lalita, Jack, Danielle, Nathan, Laura, Rebecca, Lukas, Aaron, Leah, CJ, Rhiannon, Claire, and Emily.

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